Definition of MPDG in English:



  • ‘she is a prototypical MPDG and the movie ultimately treats her as such’
    • ‘"The end of the MPDG would be good news for men," Schwyzer writes.’
    • ‘They are amazing characters, with nary a glimmer of MPDG between them.’
    • ‘Malevolent fathers are another recurring Oedipal theme in MPDG films.’
    • ‘As a personality type, the MPDG has been debunked, notably now by the kind of male screenwriter who was responsible for her proliferation.’
    • ‘For at least one woman, the idea of the MPDG was central to a feminist awakening.’
    • ‘MPDGs are happy-go-lucky, free spirited, criminally underwritten co-stars who exist solely as a vehicle for the stuffy, angsty and usually white male lead to discover himself.’
    • ‘I found a summary of it pasted into an article denouncing MPDGs.’
    • ‘Unlike real life where people grow old along with us, the MPDG lifecycle spins in reverse.’
    • ‘It was as if whoever wrote MPDG characters didn't feel the need to imbue women with personalities or motivations.’