Main definitions of Mr in English

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  • 1A title used before a surname or full name to address or refer to a man without a higher or honorific or professional title.

    ‘Mr Robert Smith’
    • ‘"It's much harder to get noticed now than it was 30 years ago," warns Mr. Rutherford.’
    • ‘Mr. Sunit Patel is joining Chaarat as Chief Geologist.’
    1. 1.1Used before the name of an office to address a man who holds it.
      ‘Mr President’
      • ‘Mr. Prime Minister, it appears that the Governor General has referred this matter to your office for further consideration.’
      • ‘Mr. Speaker, the Right Honourable Governor General desires the immediate attendance of this honourable House in the chamber of the honourable the Senate.’
    2. 1.2(in the UK) used before a surname to address or refer to a male surgeon.
      ‘She received no medical aid till Saturday, when she was visited by the parish surgeon, Mr. Vaughan.’
      ‘For laser eye surgery and general ophthalmology services, contact eye surgeon Mr C Steven Bailey in London, England.’
    3. 1.3Used in the armed forces to address a senior warrant officer, officer cadet, or junior naval officer.
      ‘"I am your superior officer, Mister, and you will give me the respect I deserve!" Zarm angrily shot back to Wheeler.’
      ‘"That was an order, Mister! Talk back to me again and I'll have you thrown in the brig for insubordination!"’


Late Middle English originally an abbreviation of master; compare with mister.




Main definitions of MR in English

: Mr1MR2



  • Master of the Rolls.