Definition of Mr. in English:



  • 1A title used before a surname or full name to address or refer to a man without a higher or honorific or professional title.

    ‘Mr. Robert Smith’
    • ‘"It's much harder to get noticed now than it was 30 years ago," warns Mr. Rutherford.’
    • ‘Mr. Sunit Patel is joining Chaarat as Chief Geologist.’
    1. 1.1Used before the name of an office to address a man who holds it.
      ‘Mr. President’
      • ‘Mr. Prime Minister, it appears that the Governor General has referred this matter to your office for further consideration.’
      • ‘Mr. Speaker, the Right Honourable Governor General desires the immediate attendance of this honourable House in the chamber of the honourable the Senate.’
    2. 1.2(in the UK) used before a surname to address or refer to a male surgeon.
      ‘She received no medical aid till Saturday, when she was visited by the parish surgeon, Mr. Vaughan.’
      • ‘For laser eye surgery and general ophthalmology services, contact eye surgeon Mr C Steven Bailey in London, England.’
    3. 1.3Used in the armed forces to address a senior warrant officer, officer cadet, or junior naval officer.
      ‘"I am your superior officer, Mister, and you will give me the respect I deserve!" Zarm angrily shot back to Wheeler.’
      • ‘"That was an order, Mister! Talk back to me again and I'll have you thrown in the brig for insubordination!"’



/ˈmistər/ /ˈmɪstər/


Late Middle English originally an abbreviation of master; compare with mister.