Definition of mridangam in English:



  • A barrel-shaped double-headed drum with one head larger than the other, used in southern Indian music.

    • ‘Many young South Indians are adept at Carnatic music and can accompany even professional musicians on the mridangam, the ghatam or the violin.’
    • ‘Manuel Industries produces guitars, violins, tabalas, mridangams and Congo drums and deals in keyboards and other imported musical instruments.’
    • ‘Maruthi plays the tabla and the mridangam and also plays Carnatic music on a keyboard.’
    • ‘From vocal music to violin, tabla to mridangam, flute to the rarely learnt harmonium, the school is out to find music in everyone.’
    • ‘He is in eighth standard and loves to play the mridangam and the tabla.’
    • ‘The mridangam and tabla players were excellent as well and none of the musicians tried to overshadow the other.’
    • ‘A full-fledged live orchestra from the triangle area consisting of accomplished musicians on the mridangam, veena, flute, violin and vocal accompanied the dancers.’
    • ‘In order to produce the beats of the tabla, mridangam, chenda or jazz drum, he does not need these instruments, but just his bare hands.’
    • ‘What looked like a mridangam now looked like a solo drum.’
    • ‘The group has an Indian member, B.C. Manjunath, who plays the mridangam.’
    • ‘Students of Carnatic Music pitched in to be the musical soul - singing, playing the mridangam as well as the violin.’
    • ‘They will be accompanied by Kumbakonam Padmanabhan on the mridangam and K.L.N Shastry on the violin.’
    • ‘I have learned tabla and mridangam from a teacher who had come down to Durban not very long ago.’
    • ‘Sitar, sarod and pakhwaj are used to good effect, but use of percussion instruments like tabla and mridangam is minimal.’
    • ‘Every day of the week, Sri Gopalan teaches tabla, mridangam and devotional singing.’
    • ‘The mridangam was played effortlessly by A.R. Balaskandan.’
    • ‘Mr. Gopalakrishna Iyer, who had started learning the mridangam at the age of 30, knew his own limitations as a performer.’
    • ‘There loomed a snag for the organisers and the conductors as they could not pick up a woman percussionist playing the mridangam in the Temple City.’
    • ‘Master Satvik played the mridangam and Master Sarvesh the keyboards.’
    • ‘The variations in the pitch were brought out well to the fast beat of the mridangam.’


Late 19th century Tamil alteration of Sanskrit mṛdaṇga.