Definition of MS-DOS in English:



Trademark ; Computing
  • Microsoft disk operating system.

    ‘The parentage of the MS-DOS operating system is to be decided in court.’
    • ‘The actual point-of-sale terminals at the counter and drive-through window run on software written for Microsoft MS-DOS.’
    • ‘While some users might find the Windows Interface easy to use and the MS-DOS command line prompt very difficult, there are users that will find the reverse to be true.’
    • ‘The first versions of both MS-DOS and the Macintosh operating system had no nested subdirectories; they were flat file systems.’
    • ‘The big break came in 1980 when an agreement was signed to provide the operating system that became known as MS-DOS, for IBM's new personal computer.’



/ˌem ˌes ˈdôs/ /ˌɛm ˌɛs ˈdɔs/