Definition of MSgt in English:



(also MSGT)
  • Master Sergeant.

    ‘With MSgt Blakemore holding open the inspection panel, SSgt Salisbury charged the fire extinguisher and SSgt Hemberger took control of the nozzle and began to fight the fire.’
    • ‘Had MSgt Iseminger not taken action to ground his aircraft and directed follow-on maintenance, this condition may have had catastrophic results.’
    • ‘As MSgt Henley got closer, he saw heavy black smoke billowing from around the machine and two workers using a fire extinguisher attempting to put out a fire under the machine.’
    • ‘Although MSgt Stenger thought this was unlikely, he removed the vase from the table and conducted a test during his lunch break the next day.’
    • ‘‘Packing a parachute takes longer than most people think,’ said MSgt Ray Conner, a veteran in the survival equipment career field.’
    • ‘‘Because of the conditions, it is important that every person keeps a safety-first mindset to reduce the chance of a major accident,’ said MSgt Steve Sinatra, the 455 AEW ground safety manager.’
    • ‘On the weapons side, MSgt Aber's article clearly shows us the consequences of allowing someone to load munitions who is not qualified to do so.’
    • ‘While launching an F - 16C, MSgt Thomas distinguished himself by discovering an engine problem that could have resulted in an aircraft mishap.’
    • ‘After an extended period of rain, MSgt Charles Samson initiated an investigation of the drainage system that runs in front of a five-bay aircraft hangar.’
    • ‘Additionally, MSgt Lingham attended an intense week of Child Passenger Safety Technician Training.’
    • ‘I asked MSgt Munro to give me some examples of programs that are working.’
    • ‘In fact, ‘Be a Broken Record’ as MSgt Franks encourages you to do in his article.’