Definition of much as in English:

much as


(also as much as)
  • Even though.

    ‘much as I had enjoyed my adventure, it was good to be back’
    • ‘As much as he enjoyed his career, it paled into insignificance beside the love he felt for his family.’
    • ‘But much as Murray is revelling in his new status as a tournament champion, he is not daft.’
    • ‘As much as I know that we need to take the rough with the smooth, I think some smooth would be very nice right about now.’
    • ‘As much as we all want to party, showing up hungover to the parade can be dangerous.’
    • ‘As much as I love the fall and its colours and smells, a part of me always dies with the summer.’
    • ‘The trouble is, I know I will not have enough energy to go to both these events, much as I want to.’
    • ‘As much as I like staying at my parents' house, I find that I never sleep very well there.’
    • ‘Heavy vehicles, much as they try, find it impossible not to rattle or cause trailers to bounce.’
    • ‘As much as we could see that this was a good plan, the audience seemed a little confused.’
    • ‘This is a bit long, but, much as it pains me to say it, it's my sort of spoof and I wish I'd written it.’
    • ‘As much as he denies it, what was supposed to be a temporary job is becoming a vocation.’
    • ‘Which is why I am sick of hearing about the man, much as I like and respect him.’
    • ‘Ambience is important when you're eating out, and much as we tried, it was in short supply.’
    • ‘As much as I do love London and do my best not to let my negative experiences get me down, a break is always good.’
    • ‘As much as they were scared initially they were also inspired by the strength they witnessed.’
    • ‘I make pasta for the others, but I eat it only once a week, much as I'd love to eat tons.’
    • ‘I simply have too much stuff in my room to try to vacuum the place, much as it may need it.’
    • ‘As much as we joke and laugh about it, it does rule our life, but I never like that.’
    • ‘As much as I love going to London, jetting over every other week seemed a bit hectic.’
    • ‘As much as we'd have liked to win, could you really have seen it happening in your wildest dreams?’