Definition of mucinous in English:



  • Relating to or covered with mucus.

    ‘Minor salivary glands of mucinous type are also located in the nose, paranasal sinuses, the larynx, trachea and bronchi.’
    • ‘Meconium and mucinous debris were also seen in the airways, along with the beginnings of an inflammatory response.’
    • ‘Of the early-stage samples misclassified, 1 was serous and 3 were mucinous.’
    • ‘Microscopic examination revealed a benign mucinous neoplasm with metaplastic bone formation and extensive chronic inflammation.’
    • ‘No areas of necrosis, mucinous change, or hemorrhage were identified.’
    • ‘The cyst contents can be mucinous, hemorrhagic, or necrotic with clear to turbid fluid.’
    • ‘Numerous mucinous microcysts, some with neutrophils within them, were present in the epithelium.’
    • ‘Fine-needle aspiration revealed the presence of fragments of adipose tissue and mucinous material with spindle cells.’
    • ‘Tumors occurring during lactation were either totally or partly mucinous and were MUC2 positive.’
    • ‘Therefore, we decided that we would reexamine any data that showed significant differences between the 2 sites, confining the analysis to well-differentiated mucinous carcinomas.’



/ˈmyo͞osənəs/ /ˈmjusənəs/