Definition of muck sweat in English:

muck sweat


  • A state of perspiring profusely.

    • ‘I arrived in a muck sweat’
    • ‘Our neighbour had a big bonfire party and there was a lot of noise with the fireworks and our horses were getting in a muck sweat.’
    • ‘This meant I arrived in a muck sweat wearing an Arctic parka, a woolly hat and bicycle clips.’
    • ‘When commuting I ride slow enough that I don't get to work in a muck sweat, much different than my free time rides.’
    • ‘Indeed, Government Whips are in a muck sweat about the Welfare Reform and Pensions Bill, the Immigration and Asylum Bill and the House of Lords Bill.’
    • ‘Sadly, nerves got the better of Dashing Blade and, in a muck sweat before the race, he failed to give his true showing in it and finished a well-beaten third.’
    • ‘I know I have a very vivid imagination, but putting all the facts together, especially the staring out across the field, the muck sweat he was in, etc. etc. this was all I could come up with.’
    • ‘As I spotted the freshly-painted hoarding and the ‘Passage Closed’ sign, I broke out once again into a muck sweat.’
    • ‘The F-16s have scared me bolt upright in a muck sweat with regularity because of what they represent - the watchful eye of a rigid, regimented state.’
    • ‘Mr. Jacklin who had the demanding and exhausting lead (exhausting because most of the time he was rushing about in a muck sweat) has appeared in 20 plays.’
    perspiration, moisture, dampness, wetness, lather


muck sweat

/mək swet/ /mək swɛt/