Definition of mucosity in English:



See mucous

‘The magnetic particles carried on the periphery of the developing sleeve which is in the rotational state are affected by various forces due to mucosity of air, centrifugal force and the like.’
  • ‘Activity and quantity of sperm and semen improved, as did spermatogenic environment (indicated by significant decreases of mucosity and liquefaction time.)’
  • ‘‘We believe that the gender differences in cocaine's effects that we observed are due to a combination of metabolic differences and the greater physical barrier to cocaine absorption created by the increase in mucosity,’ says Dr. Lukas.’
  • ‘The mucosity normally is generated by the bronchial glands and the surface epithelium, lodging at the bronchi.’
  • ‘I can see pale bits of potato, and it is uncertainly spotted with the mucosity of onions.’



/ˌmyo͞oˈkäsədē/ /ˌmjuˈkɑsədi/