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  • Relating to, producing, covered with, or of the nature of mucus.

    ‘Blood loss through the rectum, mucous discharge, altered bowel habit, and straining are common features of recurrent rectal cancer.’
    • ‘The vocal cords are actually two sets of folds formed on each side of the mucous lining of the larynx blending with fibrous tissue.’
    • ‘Rubbing your eye can lead to encrusted eyelids, mucous discharge and further irritation.’
    • ‘The utility of flexible bronchoscopy in the setting of retained secretions is aimed at clearing thick mucous secretions and plugs.’
    • ‘There are different types - some are filled with a watery liquid, and others with a thicker, mucous substance.’
    • ‘Screening of women with acceptable cervical mucous score was done in the month previous to the one in which the formulation was tested.’
    • ‘The submandibular glands produce a mixture of serous and mucous saliva.’
    • ‘In addition, cool mist moistens secretions, soothes inflamed mucosa, and decreases the viscosity of mucous secretions.’
    • ‘The mucous film covering his eyes was an infection that was treated successfully with antibiotic drops.’
    • ‘Various therapies have been proposed to treat digital mucous cysts.’
    • ‘If this mucous blockage lasts too long, bacteria sometimes multiply to excess because they seem to thrive on any blocked body system.’
    • ‘Dry mouth can result from reduced mucous and saliva secretions.’
    • ‘The possibility of obstruction mandates bronchoscopy to rule out mucous plugs, tumor, or a foreign body.’
    • ‘Saprophytic fungal infestation is the finding of fungal spores on mucous crusts of respiratory passages.’
    • ‘Very occasional mucous cells were interspersed with the columnar cells.’
    • ‘Mucin stains revealed approximately one quarter of the pale cells contained mucous substances.’
    • ‘They stop acid being produced and give the stomach's protective, mucous lining time to heal itself.’
    • ‘Therefore if taken internally they can be extremely toxic and if used without dilution externally, the result will be damage to dermal or mucous tissue.’
    • ‘A daily ration of these herbs helps to thin mucous secretions and clears lung congestion, which is often a problem for emphysema sufferers.’
    • ‘It's a licorice extract that is nontoxic, that increases the mucous coating in the esophagus and makes it more resistant to acid.’
    sticky, gummy, glue-like, gluey, adhesive, tacky, adhering, adherent, sticking, clinging, treacly, syrupy



/ˈmyo͞okəs/ /ˈmjukəs/


Late 16th century from Latin mucosus (see mucus).