Definition of mud-caked in English:



  • Covered or encrusted with mud.

    ‘wet, mud-caked socks’
    • ‘He pointed to the pocket of his dingy, mud-caked jean jacket.’
    • ‘He was wearing a bulletproof vest over a black fleece jacket, camouflage pants and mud-caked boots.’
    • ‘Glastonbury is stereotypically viewed as a four-day binge for mud-caked, drunken teenagers.’
    • ‘Unable to resist, I pull the car over to study her and her husband, who was wearing mud-caked blue overalls and high rubber boots.’
    • ‘They dug down to reach the terrier and were amazed when a mud-caked Meg emerged - along with two wriggling pups.’
    • ‘Many of the householders who Prince Andrew chatted to as they loaded skips with sodden carpets and mud-caked furniture were unable to return to their homes for many months.’
    • ‘I popped back to the tent, threw a dress over my jeans and mud-caked wellies, and headed to the casino.’
    • ‘As we drove north, we passed villages of broken clapboard shacks, mud-caked barefoot children and the occasional stray chicken.’
    • ‘Its sidewalks are lined with mud-caked used motorcycles, oily engine parts and row upon row of shiny new scooters.’
    • ‘About 100 marines jumped out of their vehicles and took cover in ditches, pointing their sights at a mud-caked house.’
    • ‘In the opening scene his few possessions are destroyed by stampeding cattle, as he sits miserably drying his wet, mud-caked socks by a small fire on a rainy night.’
    • ‘Cal's mud-caked boots thudded down the hall and down the stairs.’
    • ‘Saturated carpets were placed in soggy piles on mud-caked roads while residents waded through inches of thick black silt, surveying the damage in the cold light of day.’
    • ‘In the living-room, sports bags spill their toxic cargo of mud-caked football boots and mouldering bath towels, and any remaining floor space is littered with wires and battery chargers.’
    mud-caked, mud-spattered, muddied, dirty, filthy, mucky, grubby, grimy, soiled, begrimed