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mud bath

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  • 1A bath in the mud of mineral springs, taken especially for therapeutic purposes, such as to relieve rheumatic ailments, or as part of a beauty treatment.

    ‘Dutifully pursuing my health and fitness theme, I hobbled off to a spa just outside Palm Springs, where I could steep in a hot mudbath.’
    • ‘He frequently travelled abroad and it was during one trip in 1973, while taking mudbaths near Naples for his lumbago, that he was overthrown.’
    • ‘Enjoy a mudbath or massage in our full-service spa.’
    • ‘A mud bath is just one skin treatment that people can have while staying at a spa.’
    1. 1.1A muddy place.
      ‘Hours of non-stop rain reduced the field to a mudbath.’
      • ‘The riders have been blamed for creating unbearable amounts of noise, ripping up grass, creating mudbaths on public land and even nearly mowing down residents out walking their dogs.’
      • ‘Mud dragged out by vehicles and heavy machinery entering and exiting the site have turned the road into a mudbath.’
      • ‘It had been pouring with rain for several days and the area was a mudbath.’
      • ‘The park could have encountered a festival-style mudbath if it had rained.’
      • ‘The valley is a squelchy mudbath and if it wasn't for central heating we'd be wearing wet clothes the whole time.’
      • ‘I read that the weather should be dry this weekend, so it shouldn't be the mudbath it was last year.’
      • ‘A helicopter is being used to shuttle hundreds of tonnes of gravel to the remote trail to transform one section of the renowned mudbath into an easy stroll.’
      • ‘The family's new drive became a mudbath and water seeped through the house and garage into the back garden.’
      • ‘The pitch had made its usual good recovery from last week's mudbath and was in absolutely perfect condition.’


mud bath

/ˈmədbaTH/ /ˈmədbæθ/