Definition of mud pie in English:

mud pie


  • 1A mass of mud or wet earth formed into the shape of a pie by a child.

    ‘When I was five, Noah shoved a mud pie into my face and then kissed me: right, smack-dab on my muddy lips!’
    • ‘A delicious mud pie, a good-luck rock, or a friendly frog are just a few of the presents children love to bring home to Mom and Dad.’
    • ‘She likes making castles in the sand and mud pies.’
    • ‘The mud pies on the window sill could be the sign of a baker or artist in the making.’
    • ‘Although the Libran child dislikes mess, and is quite ‘refined’ in her activities (no mud pies for her), she has plenty of physical energy when offered the opportunity to use it creatively.’
    • ‘A child whose curiosity is thus channeled will, instead of fully understanding the fluid dynamics of mud pies, learn to read or to do math or whatever other useful skill is on offer.’
    • ‘Between making mud pies with friends and swimming in the Goose River, a love for music developed at an early age.’
    • ‘They both looked so sad that I caved in after about ten minutes and sent them out to make mud pies in the front yard.’
    • ‘There are no hardships or difficulties that come their way, besides trying to decide what they'll do for that day: catch butterflies in the backyard or spend the day in the sandbox making mud pies?’
    • ‘Her parents probably would be happy that she'd got this part, although it would be the same sort of happiness that they'd show a child successfully making mud pies.’
    • ‘Jake and I have been best friends since we were kids fooling around with mud pies and the good old pigskin (that's what Jake used to call a football to sound cool).’
    • ‘Well, mud pies I'm sure are fun and children should still certainly enjoy doing that; however, I think our society is on a fast track.’
    • ‘The Earth-defender of tomorrow might start by making mud pies.’
    • ‘She was still preoccupied with mud pies and catching frogs.’
    • ‘We used to make mud pies together when we were little kids.’
    • ‘Who could be content with the mud pies of children playing in a ditch when he'd seen the work of Saramantha's greatest sculptors?’
    • ‘William was lazy, chubby, and short, and would rather fling mud pies than do anything important.’
    • ‘Young girls in white blouses and dark skirts ran in and out of homes, and children played with sticks and mud pies.’
    • ‘Mud will congeal to an ideal consistency, enabling one to fashion the most tempting mud pies.’
    • ‘They played in his backyard making mud pies when they were five, playing hide and seek.’
  • 2US A Mississippi mud pie or similar chocolate dessert.

    ‘Soon our small apartment was fully functional and back to normal, and Ikanya celebrated our grateful return by fixing us a meal of rare roast beef, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and chocolate mud pie.’
    • ‘Jumbo prawns and Cajun rice and beans, followed by a chocolate mud pie, satisfied their craving for sinfully rich food.’
    • ‘It offers illustrated step-by-step instructions on how to make pasta with tomato sauce, mud pies and rainbow cakes, as well as doughmen.’
    • ‘Mississippi, famous for its calorific mud pie, ranked the highest, followed by Alabama and West Virginia.’
    • ‘Skip the Big Mac (how easily we forget) and head across the street to Café Lalo where you can play with your food, eat with your fingers and dive head first into the mud pie.’


mud pie

/ˈməd ˌpī/ /ˈməd ˌpaɪ/