Definition of muddiness in English:



See muddy

‘This ‘digitally remastered’ film hasn't done away with the occasional bits of muddiness, feedback, and generally uneven mixing we've come to know, but ain't that live music?’
  • ‘It has high dynamic power and a low impedance driver so it sounds full, without any muddiness.’
  • ‘The only unknown in this album is why the normally crisp vocals from lead man Chris Martin have been mixed low on certain tracks, resulting in some muddiness.’
  • ‘Sometimes when I wake up I have a vague fuzzy feeling of having known that truth, but it soon slips away, to be replaced by fear and muddiness.’
  • ‘This muddiness is only worsened by the myriad typographical and grammatical errors that are rampant in this book from front to back, and that make for less than insightful or comprehensible reading.’



/ˈmədēnəs/ /ˈmədinəs/