Definition of mudflow in English:



  • A fluid or hardened stream or avalanche of mud.

    ‘On June 15, Mount Pinatubo spewed ash 40 km into the air and produced huge ash flows (also called pyroclastic flows) and mudflows that devastated a large area around the volcano.’
    • ‘Thirty-six million years ago, volcanic mudflows blocked a stream flowing through this valley, producing a lake about twelve miles long.’
    • ‘‘Even on Earth it can be hard to distinguish a lava flow from a mudflow,’ she said.’
    • ‘Further study of sand on an incline could help geologists understand landslides and mudflows - cases where rocks and dirt flow down rough surfaces.’
    • ‘Unconsolidated deposits of ash may eventually mix with water to become massive, quick-moving mudflows, called lahars, that can fill in small valleys.’
    • ‘Nor had she seen the homes of her neighbors at the base of the hill - inundated by mudflows, they were probably more seriously damaged than any others on the island.’
    • ‘However, recent unusual weather, accompanied by devastating rainfalls triggering mudflows, landslides and flooding necessitated the addition of two new levels of rainfall above existing ones.’
    • ‘The U.S. Geological Survey says mudflows from Mount Rainier would be the primary hazard to communities in the valley, including Orting, Sumner, Puyallup and Fife.’
    • ‘The problem is that the winters had to have been cold enough to freeze and mummify the remains, and the summers warm enough to melt the permafrost and produce mudflows to bury the carcasses.’
    • ‘Rescue work continued yesterday in remote Taoshan Village, where more than 20 houses were engulfed by floods and mudflows within minutes on Wednesday.’
    • ‘‘Heavy rains might trigger mudflows, landslides and floods in mountainous areas,’ Lu said.’
    • ‘Similarly, the big polluted river that snakes its way like a mudflow through the coastal industrial city started out high in the distant mountains as a pristine stream.’
    • ‘The hot gases and magma melted the ice and snow that covered the mountain and the resulting mudflow continued throughout the night and the following day.’
    • ‘The village has been buffeted by mudflows, landslides, river debris, flooding and earthquakes.’
    • ‘The colourful ‘Big Stump’ is one of the few petrified redwood trees that probably lived 35 million years ago before it got submerged in a volcanic mudflow.’
    • ‘A newly formed river then flowed through the Canyon formed by the mudflow.’
    • ‘Rocks block the highway in various places and mudflows cover what were once rose farms along the road's edge.’
    • ‘When the glacial ice on Mt. St. Helens rushed down the sides of the mountain and created mudflows, potential energy in the ice became active and major changes took place.’
    • ‘The highway segment was about to be reopened early last month when tropical storm Mindulle hit the nation, crippling the road once more with falling rocks, landslides and mudflows.’
    • ‘Still, it was not until 1996 that the government began to identify specific areas threatened by potential mudflows and landslides.’



/ˈmədflō/ /ˈmədfloʊ/