Definition of mudlark in English:



(also mudlarker)
  • 1A person who scavenges in river mud for objects of value.

    ‘The mudlarks and the River Police are thorough, unlike some.’
    • ‘The floating fire was removed and a peasant mudlark called Osric was sent in to delve down in the nice warm water to see if there was anything left of the pots or just a soggy mass of clay in the bottom.’
    • ‘Unlike the street-sellers, whose lives were solitary, the mudlarks formed organised communities.’
    • ‘It is a London voice, it is the sound of the mudlark children in the clay flats herding their goats, selling their dung.’
    • ‘Wheeler is a mudlark, an orphan aged about 10, scavenging a living on the banks of the Thames in London.’
    rummage, search, hunt, look, forage, root about, root around, scratch about, scratch around, grub about, grub around
    1. 1.1 historical A street urchin.
      • ‘In London where I've lived and worked, the real mudlark, the historical one, was a child who lived in the gutter, as it were.’
      mischievous child, imp, monkey, Puck, rascal, rogue, minx, mischief-maker, prankster



/ˈmədlärk/ /ˈmədlɑrk/