Definition of mudminnow in English:



  • A small stout-bodied freshwater fish of both Eurasia and North America, able to survive low concentrations of oxygen and very low temperatures.

    Genus Umbra, family Umbridae: several species

    ‘Briefly, this is the domain of two freshwater clans, the pike and the mudminnows.’
    • ‘Whereas most books of this nature cover only fossil mammals, this bestiary starts with mudminnows and ends with mammoths - amphibians, reptiles, and birds are in between.’
    • ‘They prey on such fish as the cisco (lake herring), lake whitefish, central mudminnow, and golden shiner.’
    • ‘The only species present in Clyde Creek were blacknose shiner, Iowa darter, central mudminnow, and pearl dace.’
    • ‘Other than some minnows and salmonids, only longnose sucker and the two species of mudminnow appear to have been collected less often than might be expected.’



/ˈmədˌminō/ /ˈmədˌmɪnoʊ/