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  • A large aquatic salamander of the eastern US, reaching sexual maturity while retaining an immature body form with feathery external gills.

    Necturus maculosus, family Proteidae. Compare with

    ‘The Science Center of Connecticut in West Hartford loaned a Bengal tiger, a mud puppy (a type of salamander), a period bird's egg cabinet, again without provenance, and various shells and fossils.’
    • ‘The families Sirenidae, Necturidae (mud puppy), and Amphiumidae (congo eels) occur only in the southeastern United States.’
    • ‘In Iowa, what many people call mud puppies are the waterdogs, the larvae of our tiger salamander.’
    • ‘If you're not into aquariums, you may not know what mud puppies are.’
    • ‘In his newly renovated laboratory on the second floor of the Lillie Building, Dionne is studying the sense of smell in the mud puppy, a large freshwater salamander.’
    • ‘I have kept axotyls, Mexican cave salamanders, mud puppies and once a hellbender.’



/ˈməd ˌpəpē/ /ˈməd ˌpəpi/