Definition of mudskipper in English:



  • A goby (fish) with its eyes on raised bumps on top of the head, found in mangrove swamps from East Africa to Australia. It moves around on land with great agility, often basking on mud or mangrove roots.

    Periopthalmodon and related genera, family Gobiidae: several species, including the common and widespread P. schlosseri (or barbarus)

    ‘Before climbing out onto land, mudskippers fill their over-sized gill chambers with water, creating an oxygen tank that allows them to breathe out of water.’
    • ‘But mudskippers are still fish, and they remain tied to the water - which, because of their knack for burrowing, is never far away.’
    • ‘He cites the walking catfish, climbing perch, and mudskippers as other examples.’
    • ‘A few, like the walking catfish and the mudskipper, are able to crawl about on land, to find food or new habitats.’
    • ‘Their game is mud; skipping and jumping across the shore at low tide, mudskippers give new meaning to the phrase ‘fish out of water.’’
    • ‘So to me, mudskippers - among the very few fish that make daily transitions from water to land - are particularly astounding.’



/ˈmədˌskipər/ /ˈmədˌskɪpər/