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  • A mass of mud and other earthy material that is falling or has fallen down a hillside or other slope.

    ‘Sporadic systems are those that produce avalanches, earthquakes, mudslides, volcanic eruptions and such like.’
    • ‘Aftershocks and heavy rains continue to trigger mudslides on mountain slopes where the quake has uprooted forests, loosened topsoil or created barrier lakes.’
    • ‘Most victims were crushed by falling buildings or buried by mudslides but four people died of heart attacks after the tremors on Wednesday, officials said.’
    • ‘In the northern Cascade Mountains the supposedly dormant volcano Mount Baker periodically oozes clouds of steam over its summit and stains its icy slopes with mudslides.’
    • ‘They are giving up efforts to dig out bodies and declaring entire communities mass graveyards after killer mudslides in Guatemala last Wednesday.’
    • ‘Flooding, mudslides and fallen trees cut several main highways into Wellington to a single lane in places, snarling commuter traffic and forcing it to a crawl, he said.’
    • ‘Dozens of villagers were killed by mudslides on the slopes of the mountain, which rumbled back to life in July, government officials said.’
    • ‘Torrential is rain still falling, triggering mudslides in Austria.’
    • ‘There were always small rockslides or mudslides happening there.’
    • ‘Its first priority is to identify where permafrost is present and where mudslides and rockfalls are likely as it melts under the effect of global warming.’
    • ‘Residents in remote mountain villages must stay alert to landslides, mudslides, tumbling rocks, any river rising and flooding, the bureau warned.’
    • ‘There have been more mudslides and landslides leading to deaths.’
    • ‘Torrential rain caused severe flooding and triggered at least 93 mudslides and landslides.’
    • ‘The unlined portion of the tunnel had caved in under the debris of a mudslide on Monday night, burying many workers alive and injuring others.’
    • ‘Effective techniques of fighting the enemy in the mountains are induced rockfalls, avalanches, glacier movements and mudslides.’
    • ‘They don't deserve mudslides or earthquakes or crooked dictatorships or AIDS or a whole host of things that afflict them that you and I cannot stop, either.’
    • ‘The mudslides were set off on Christmas Day after a downpour fell on hillsides that had been stripped of vegetation by wildfires in October and November.’
    • ‘Aboriginal people said that they still can't escape from nightmares relating to earthquakes, mudslides and collapsed land.’
    • ‘So far, 2,426 homes have been destroyed in the mudslides, many built precariously in hillside shantytowns.’
    • ‘She explained how her parents' house almost floated out to sea in the recent rainstorms and mudslides.’
    landslip, rockfall, mudslide, earthslip, earthfall



/ˈmədˌslīd/ /ˈmədˌslaɪd/