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nounplural noun mueslis

mainly British
  • A mixture of cereals (especially rolled oats), dried fruit, and nuts, typically eaten with milk at breakfast.

    ‘Recent research has found that eating oat-based breakfast cereals - muesli or porridge - can help reduce blood pressure.’
    • ‘At nine I have breakfast - muesli with soya milk.’
    • ‘I try to eat the right foods - pasta, rice, fruit, muesli - at the right times, to keep my body in shape.’
    • ‘They made the most interesting breakfast muesli I have had all year.’
    • ‘We have organic muesli for breakfast, we eat up our greens (once or twice a week).’
    • ‘This morning, the team's breakfast would have included porridge or muesli with dried fruit and perhaps toast with scrambled egg or lean bacon.’
    • ‘It seems that those who like to eat cereal might do well to choose wholegrain cereals based on oats (such as muesli and porridge) and wheat.’
    • ‘Mango is good in any kind of fruit salad, in muesli, in freshly-made pancakes.’
    • ‘In between mouthfuls of sausage, home-made bread, muffins, fresh fruit, yoghurt and muesli, we discussed the dive sites he would show me.’
    • ‘Porridge, muesli and oatcakes are all good sources.’
    • ‘Granola, usually a conglomeration of oats, sugar, nuts and seeds, is essentially muesli, but without the dried fruit.’
    • ‘At the weekend I might have some soaked muesli with grated apple, dried fruit, bananas and honey.’
    • ‘He'd obviously had too much muesli for breakfast.’
    • ‘I keep my muesli (Waitrose Luxury Fruit and Nut) in an airtight jar.’
    • ‘Otherwise, I'll prepare my own crunchy muesli by mixing prunes or apricot, honey, lemon and cloves with low-fat yogurt.’
    • ‘He also makes his own muesli, of which my wife brought home a huge jar, having stuffed herself with it every morning at Kamogi.’
    • ‘Sure, you can still find shredded wheat, bran cereals, muesli, and other healthy standbys.’
    • ‘No muesli or fresh fruit on offer, but after a greasy breakfast roll and coffee on tap, I was feeling more awake.’
    • ‘Choose porridge, muesli or an egg rather than sugary cereals’
    • ‘Porridge or muesli are the most sustaining of the cereals.’



/ˈmyo͞ozlē/ /ˈmjuzli/ /ˈmyo͞oslē/ /ˈmjusli/


Swiss German.