Definition of muffin top in English:

muffin top

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  • A roll of fat visible above the top of a pair of women's tight-fitting low-waisted pants.

    • ‘Half said they had "muffin tops" - " podgy rolls sticking out over the top of their waistband ".’
    • ‘The muffin top is the bane of many lives.’
    • ‘The Shape of the Nation survey, carried out by 5,000 women across the UK, revealed the worst physical attribute was a 'muffin top'.’
    • ‘Hipster jeans which show off women's ' muffin tops ' - flesh overhanging the side of their clothing - came top of the list of items women should avoid.’
    • ‘It is day 25 and Katie has quite a muffin top hanging over the top of her skirt.’
    • ‘And it is a law of anatomy that the tighter the jeans, the more prevalent the muffin top.’
    • ‘I was standing in the plastic salad bowl department, when a lady wearing baby pink ugh boots and sporting a fine muffin top above Supre leggings strolled by.’
    • ‘Squires added: "Walk around any public place and you will see women with the tell-tale muffin top spilling over too-tight pants and a low cut top."’
    • ‘"Love the muffin top," Douglas Clark, a 39-year-old freelance editor, whispered to a friend in the next row, alluding to Mr. Heston's slight middle-age paunch.’
    • ‘Shamelessly, I also have a muffin top on the bad days, and thank god none of my friends have EVER highlighted it or (god forbid) pointed it out.’
    • ‘That woman in the white outfit is more a case of Fashion Victim Extreme Muffin Top (FVEMT) and might be an outlier on the bell curve of ordinary muffin tops.’