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  • An act of attacking and robbing someone in a public place.

    ‘he was the victim of a brutal mugging’
    • ‘Car theft, burglary, muggings and pick-pocketing are the most common crimes and sometimes it seems no amount of precautions will protect you.’
    • ‘Families are not able to move around because there have been muggings, kidnappings, rapes, murders, car thefts, armed robberies of homes and business.’
    • ‘Why are consecutive governments refusing to admit that crime of all sorts, muggings, rapes, burglaries and murders, is out of control?’
    • ‘The crimes that affect most citizens, such as vandalism, muggings, burglary and car crimes, are considered low priority.’
    • ‘A crackdown on drug-related crime has been launched in areas of Leeds where residents have been plagued by burglary, theft and muggings.’
    • ‘It's pathetic, I know, but then I also know that the vast majority of muggings, thefts and attacks could be avoided with some careful forethought.’
    • ‘Nothing is more depressing than a never-ending litany of vandalism, muggings and burglaries.’
    • ‘It has also pushed up muggings and violent crime offences by 43% since its inception.’
    • ‘Compared to places like Horsforth and Yeadon, the number of burglaries, muggings and robberies are very low.’
    • ‘Chain snatchings, muggings and burglaries have become rampant.’
    • ‘Improved street lighting could reduce the amount of street violence, assaults, muggings, car thefts and burglaries, he said.’
    • ‘The priority is to drive down street crime - muggings, assaults, and disorderly behaviour.’
    • ‘There has been an increase in crime, especially muggings and murders.’
    • ‘Similar increases occurred in other forms of armed robbery as well as in muggings and burglaries.’
    • ‘There have been reports of recent attempted kidnappings, muggings and stabbings.’
    • ‘After years of decreasing numbers of pickpockets and purse snatchings, muggings are back on the rise.’
    • ‘Some street crimes, like muggings, will just happen, and you will see them.’
    • ‘The new policy has freed up impressive amounts of police time and money to fight other crime, halving muggings in the area.’
    • ‘Local radio news bulletins are jammed with reports of muggings and vicious petty criminals.’
    • ‘There have also been muggings and pickpockets in town.’
    theft, robbery, raid, ram raid, burglary, larceny, thievery, break-in, hold-up



/ˈməɡiNG/ /ˈməɡɪŋ/