Definition of muka in English:



mass noun
  • Dressed fibre from New Zealand flax, used in weaving.

    ‘most of the weaving is done with the fine muka’
    • ‘It is woven and moulded from flax and has a muka [flax fibre] hairpiece.’
    • ‘Maori began to barter muka for muskets and other European goods.’
    • ‘Maori spun muka into thread and used it to weave warm clothes and make ropes, fishing nets and many other things.’
    • ‘He was quick to launch a money-making scheme, supplying a steady stream of stripped flax, or muka, to Australian merchants.’
    • ‘It took me a week alone to strip back the flax and remove the muka (fine fibre), weave it and dye it.’
    • ‘There is plenty of muka (flax) and numerous pigs.’
    • ‘Both research and practical experience support the use of muka as a fodder supplement.’
    • ‘The taniko mat is made of muka.’
    • ‘This cloak with decorative borders is made of muka (flax fiber) and is known as a kaitaka.’
    • ‘A sharp thin pointed manuka needle was used, bent into a V shape, with several thicknesses of muka fibre in it.’


Mid 19th century Maori.