Definition of muktuk in English:



  • The skin and blubber of a whale, typically the narwhal or the beluga, used as food by the Inuit.

    ‘The smell of the sea was in the air as picnickers feasted on sun-dried halibut, muktuk, whale blubber, and Greenland raisin cake.’
    • ‘Once in Anchorage, Native people generally continue their ways of hunting, gathering, sharing, and eating ‘Native food,’ including beluga muktuk.’
    • ‘For a long time, until health regulators stopped the practice, the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage served its patients wild foods, including moose and seal meat and beluga muktuk.’
    • ‘The hamlet of about 930 residents will set out a traditional Inuit dinner for the prime minister where caribou soup and muktuk - a delicacy made from the skin of a beluga whale - will be served.’
    • ‘Last year, Trites was surprised to see beluga muktuk on the menu in an Iqaluit restaurant.’
    • ‘But after a whale's death, there is also the celebration and remarkable communion-like sharing of its meat and muktuk, in traditional rituals that affirm the central values of Inupiat culture.’
    • ‘The good news was that three of the whales washed up in areas where they could be both scientifically sampled and salvaged by Natives hungry for muktuk.’
    • ‘The beluga, whose vocalizations have earned it the moniker ‘canary of the sea,’ is more than a muktuk meal.’





From Inuit maktak.