Definition of mulct in English:


Pronunciation /məlkt/

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transitive verb

[with object]formal
  • 1Extract money from (someone) by fine or taxation.

    ‘no government dared propose to mulct the taxpayer for such a purpose’
    • ‘They guarantee overtime to specific, politically approved occupations: namely those in the public sector where overtime merely results in mulcting the taxpayer.’
    • ‘The alleged debt is simply an accounting fiction that provides a mask over reality and furnishes a convenient means for mulcting the taxpayer.’
    • ‘You wouldn't catch me in one even though Kennet Council mulcts me for hundreds of pounds every year to subsidise their ‘Leisure Centres’.’
    • ‘However, granting him the moral and legal right to mulct his fellows increases his moral degradation instead of ending it, for the beneficiary is now further removed from the production line than ever.’
    • ‘It is, however, small consolation to the higher-income person that the poorer man is paying the same percentage of income in tax as he, for the wealthier person is being mulcted far more than before.’
    • ‘This discontinuation is really a ploy to rob and mulct the historic taxpayers to rescue the finances of the municipality.’
    • ‘Must we account him a ‘bad king,’ sacrificing the interests of England, concerned only to mulct the realm for the benefit of his principal life's work, the Crusade?’
    • ‘They have joined erstwhile political masters and mafia men to mulct the state.’
    deceive, trick, dupe, outwit, fool, delude, cheat, take in, bluff, hoax, mislead, misguide, lead on, defraud, double-cross, swindle, gull, finagle, get the better of
    1. 1.1mulct someone ofDeprive someone of (money or possessions) by fraudulent means.
      ‘he mulcted Shelly of $75,000’
      • ‘Supposing a landowner exploits his tenants and mulcts them of the fruit of their toil by appropriating it to his own use.’
      • ‘They write, ‘Indians had little comprehension of the value of money, the ownership of land… and so land sharks and grog sellers found it easy to mulct them of their property’.’
      • ‘Before he left for the north, Henry mulcted the citizens of 500 marks.’
      • ‘It comes as no surprise that he and his craven right-wing thugs would attempt to humiliate and heap further indignities upon the former hostages by mulcting them of $6000 + for Japan's ‘out of pocket expenses’.’
      • ‘It was only on the return journey, when we were mulcted of an outrageous fee after a near ducking, that we realised this was yet another way of increasing personal revenue for the local boys.’


  • A fine or compulsory payment.

    ‘The punishments and penalty for first offense could include a jailhouse term of up to one twelvemonth plus a mulct of up to $3000.’
    • ‘In the Gula-Thing law it is written that the murderer's family had to pay a mulct of 189 cows for the killing of a freeholder.’
    tax, tariff, toll, excise, duty, fee, imposition, impost, exaction, assessment, tithe, payment


Late 15th century from Latin mulctare, multare, from mulcta ‘a fine’.