Definition of mulligrub in English:


(also mullygrub)


[with object]archaic, dialect
  • Complain or sulk.

    ‘it's too late to mulligrub about it’
    • ‘From that day forward, I didn't mullygrub about chemo.’
    • ‘"Don't mullygrub," I always said to my kids when they were having a down day.’
    • ‘At least he wasn't still mulligrubbing about the labor.’
    • ‘Some people would mulligrub about taking time out to feed another person's cat.’
    • ‘If I mullygrub at the kids all the way to the library, it would be better not to go.’

plural noun

archaic, dialect
  • the mulligrubsFeelings of melancholy, sullenness, or depression.

    ‘another attack of the mulligrubs’
    ‘he was down in the mulligrubs’
    • ‘I was down in the mullygrubs for a month.’
    • ‘That would have been easier for her than seein' Pa so down in the mulligrubs.’
    • ‘His wife had left him two months before and he was down in the mulligrubs.’
    • ‘When she had 'the mulligrubs' she would retreat to her lair in the sitting-room.’
    • ‘I have scarce stirred to take exercise for four or five days, so it's no wonder I had the mulligrubs.’


Late 16th century of uncertain origin. Compare with mullygrub.