Definition of mulloway in English:



  • A large edible fast-swimming predatory fish of Australian coastal waters, which is popular with anglers.

    Also called jewfish

    Johnius antarctica, family Sciaenidae

    ‘The mulloway feeds voraciously on other fish, and is itself a favoured prey of human anglers.’
    • ‘There's a local mulloway, they occur around the southern coast off South Australia.’
    • ‘A recent release from NSW Fisheries indicated 70,000 mulloway fingerlings have been released into some NSW waterways.’
    • ‘Spinning for mulloway is a great adventure if you want to hook up with something big.’
    • ‘If you wish to fish on after dark for a while there is every chance of a mulloway.’
    • ‘In this area, commercial fishermen will not be able to target recreational species such as whiting, bream, flathead and mulloway.’
    • ‘Mulberry-lined creeks teem with - trust us on this - a bounty of bream, whiting, luderick, flathead, and mulloway that spill from the Watagan Mountains.’
    • ‘You continue in your column to applaud the release of 70,000 mulloway fingerlings and say that you look forward to the day when other species are also released.’



/ˈmələˌwā/ /ˈmələˌweɪ/


Mid 19th century from Yaralde (an Aboriginal language of South Australia).