Definition of multicast in English:


Pronunciation /ˌməltiˈkast/ /ˌməltɪˈkæst/ /ˈməltiˌkast/ /ˈməltɪˌkæst/

transitive verbmulticast

[with object]
  • Send (data) across a computer network to several users at the same time.

    ‘the circuits can multicast data streams’
    • ‘an internet radio station has been multicasting for more than a year’
    • ‘An arrangement for multicasting digital data to a user accessing an Internet connection is disclosed.’
    • ‘As with quality of service, the number of providers involved makes multicasting a complex process, but one that is necessary for efficient use of bandwidth on a global information infrastructure.’
    • ‘Plus, with multicasting, the networks could form their own mini-cable systems to compete with the industry.’
    • ‘Most support multicasting, which allows for multiple viewers without increasing network usage.’
    • ‘This new edition places more emphasis on networking designs and covers issues not found in the first edition, such as hubs, fast packet forwarding, autoconfiguration, multicasting and protocol design folklore.’
    • ‘Data can be sent from a single host to any number of different hosts without having to set up individual connections, by using either IP broadcasting or multicasting.’
    • ‘While more stations are on the air all the time, I'd say the confusion over HDTV versus multicasting versus enhanced TV is only growing.’
    • ‘The technology uses multicasting instead of unicasting.’
    • ‘High definition programming, multicasting and datacasting will literally transform the television experience and dramatically alter the way consumers use their receivers.’
    • ‘Verizon could grab a hundred or so channels of video, multicast them on its network to owners of these retinal scan video phones that have what would appear to the users to be cinematic displays.’
    • ‘The master server also multicasts a " heartbeat’ signal to all slaves, apprising them of its existence.’
    • ‘One process can multicast a message to a netlink group address, and any number of other processes can listen to that group address.’
    • ‘We might multicast about six channels on one 10 Megahertz band, but video on demand, streaming different programs over a shared service eats up a lot of bandwidth and I don't think we'll be doing that.’
    • ‘In addition, broadcasters can multicast - delivering multiple programs by splitting the signal into separate subchannels.’
    • ‘In fact, it's possible that mobile phone apps would multicast from a carousel - rather like Ceefax or digital TV.’
    • ‘The fact that a local station will be able to multicast five or six different channels - how does that affect the competitive environment in a local market?’
    • ‘It also offers greater multicasting and interactive capabilities.’
    • ‘Its traditional selling point is its ability to deliver the same data to any number of end points for the same cost - the multicasting model.’
    • ‘The great advantage of wireless data, though, is that it can support very efficient multicasting.’


  • A set of data sent across a computer network to many users at the same time.

    ‘live multicasts of events at the National Press Club’
    • ‘For only a very small part of the total bandwidth budget, a data cell could offer multicasts of everything you can currently find on cable TV.’
    • ‘The presentation can be coordinated as a multicast to simultaneous users and as a unicast, for users who want to see the presentation after the fact.’
    • ‘There is a middle ground between broadcasts and unicasts, and that is a multicast.’
    • ‘Past articles featured then-emerging technologies that pushed the envelop in almost every direction, including multicast, web applications, network operating systems, and wireless networks.’
    • ‘Likewise, intelligent multicast handling is essential for maintaining efficient throughput when high volumes of multicast and broadcast traffic are present.’
    • ‘The report found rising demand for satellite-based multicast and content distribution will create lucrative equipment markets, including equipment for Internet Service Providers and end users.’
    • ‘This PLC modem blocks all packets except those whose destination address is a broadcast one, a multicast one or the repeater address itself.’
    • ‘This updated second edition includes all-new chapters covering the Web and multicast, plus a completely revised and updated remote procedure call chapter.’
    • ‘In the switch implementation, multicast might be possible, but this has not been investigated.’
    • ‘Both partners have a strong interest in quality of service, video multicast, storage, and server technologies.’
    • ‘This always included two-way and multicast communication so that information could not only be distributed efficiently, but also evaluated collaboratively.’
    • ‘An RPR network is also ideal for the delivery of multicast services such as streaming media and video broadcasts.’
    • ‘A multicast image can configure multiple systems simultaneously; conversely, you also can image multiple servers or workstations.’
    • ‘For instance, he refuses to accede to broadcasters' calls for dual must-carry - the notion that cable companies should be required to carry both the multicast digital and analog signals of broadcasters.’
    • ‘First computer readable code means is generated for issuing a first special command to add a new IP multicast address providing a group multicast address and an IP multicast address.’
    • ‘The most important feature of our server technology is that we are incorporating peer-to-peer communication in the form of a virtual multicast layer.’
    • ‘Within your network, use of multicast means that this single 5Mbps video can be viewed on all desktops and TV monitors without bandwidth worries.’
    • ‘That would be fairly transparent to the end user but would help by allowing us to take advantage of multicast capabilities in our system.’