Definition of multicentre in English:


(US multicenter)


  • (of a medical study or trial) involving several hospitals, clinics, or research institutions.

    ‘a large multicentre clinical trial’
    • ‘The trial was a multicentre, pragmatic randomised controlled trial stratified by centre.’
    • ‘The main strengths of our trial were that it was large, double blind, and multicentre and was conducted over two years covering all four seasons with a minimal loss to follow up and good adherence to treatment.’
    • ‘He analysed multicentre clinical trials particularly in relation to prostate and breast cancer.’
    • ‘It was shown in a multi-centre double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of 133 patients that a non-acidic form of vitamin C significantly reduced pain compared to a placebo.’
    • ‘In this multicentre epidemiological survey, similar patterns of results were observed in various areas of the world’
    • ‘We have played a major role in clinical trials of therapy for Hepatitis C and multi-centre international studies of non-invasive diagnostic tests for liver fibrosis.’
    • ‘I saw some data comparing the practice of hospitals in Canada that had participated in a multicentre international trial of surgery for blocked arteries in the neck with hospitals that had not participated.’
    • ‘We used a collaborative, multicentre method for researching sensitive professional issues in general practice.’
    • ‘This evidence led to a multicentre randomised controlled trial in women with osteoporosis.’
    • ‘This is the first multicentre randomised trial including more than 1500 patients followed for more than a year.’