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(also multicolor)
  • Having many colors.

    ‘These squares are planted with vegetables of contrasting colours, which gives the impression of a multicoloured checker-board.’
    • ‘Our multicolored rainbow fits into just one octave in the middle of this broad spectrum - the octave we call light.’
    • ‘Only, somehow, the package was chewed into a mutinous, multicolored glob of rainbow goo.’
    • ‘In a couple of hours the Hall was transformed, with multicoloured streamers and balloons adding to the highly colourful exhibits.’
    • ‘Single crystals of two or more different colours are not uncommon, making unusual multicoloured faceted stones.’
    • ‘It shimmered through the multicoloured opal to bathe the area in a spectrum of colours.’
    • ‘Nervous smiles, hands clutching smaller hands and schoolbags and multicoloured lunch boxes held tightly… and that was just the parents!’
    • ‘Temple bells chimed as men in flowing kurtas and multicoloured turbans and bejewelled women in vivid pinks and purples paid obeisance to their guru, Baba Gulabgir.’
    • ‘In the vast lobby your senses are assaulted by multicoloured carpets, computerised fountains, gold mosaic floors and escalators flanked with tanks of tropical fish.’
    • ‘The exhibition includes several intricately decorated vases and dishes from this time period, which feature multicoloured glazes and metalwork.’
    • ‘Take care around the traditional bonfires as even a stray spark shooting from damp or knotted wood can ignite materials in multicoloured costumes.’
    • ‘Magnificent multicoloured lighting has been installed in the streets while shops and businesses have been beautifully decorated.’
    • ‘We saw the different climates in the north and south of the island, we saw the inhabited volcanic caves and the multicoloured rocks, rich in different minerals.’
    • ‘One thing I learned though, especially when it comes to the multicoloured desserts, is that nothing looks like it tastes.’
    • ‘Its multicoloured and multi-towered Byzantine roof dominates the skyline, and its baroque beauty is simply breathtaking.’
    • ‘I looked around the lush African foliage, multicoloured flowers ablaze amidst the verdant Nairobi green.’
    • ‘A tiny multicoloured parrot flew from shoulder to shoulder to peer at us inquisitively, while a small tame monkey searched for fleas in our hair.’
    • ‘I was walking in the street looking for the building, I finally saw it and saw the multicoloured light coming out the window.’
    • ‘The fields are 3ft high with wildflowers in a multicoloured tapestry.’
    • ‘She goes in and out of the house bringing us multicoloured clay pots of seed until half the porch is covered with them.’
    kaleidoscopic, psychedelic, colourful, multicolour, many-coloured, many-hued, rainbow, jazzy, particoloured, varicoloured, variegated, harlequin, motley, prismatic, polychromatic



/ˌməltēˈkələrd/ /ˌməltiˈkələrd/ /ˌməltīˈkələrd/ /ˌməltaɪˈkələrd/