Definition of multicooker in English:



  • An electric kitchen appliance capable of cooking food automatically in a variety of ways.

    ‘he uses a multicooker at home during the week’
    • ‘It was only a matter of a time before a smart multicooker hit the market.’
    • ‘Slow cooking with a multicooker can be useful as it's occasionally more practical to let something bubble away all day than have to be around at the end of a slow cook.’
    • ‘The electric multicooker has a sauté function but it can also work as a slow cooker, yogurt-maker and pressure cooker.’
    • ‘In the multicooker, tender Arborio rice collapses into creaminess in about 30 minutes, and half that time is hands-off.’
    • ‘This risotto normally would take a solid 40 minutes of hands-on, tedious stirring, but the multicooker makes this affair very laissez-faire.’
    • ‘The multicooker can sear at high temperatures or gently cook low and slow.’
    • ‘The multicooker combines seven different kitchen appliances and enables you to cook food in multiple ways.’
    • ‘The multicooker is capable of three different cooking methods.’
    • ‘The company showed a wi-fi enabled multicooker that can prep and cook a meal with the help of programmed recipes.’
    • ‘Many multicookers let you brown and sauté, steam and boil.’



/ˈməltēˌko͝okər/ /ˈməltiˌkʊkər/ /ˈməlˌtīˌko͝okər/ /ˈməlˌtaɪˌkʊkər/