Definition of multidimensionality in English:


Pronunciation /-dəˌmenCHəˈnalətē/


See multidimensional

‘Unfortunately, the spectrum of conflict that is emerging in the early twenty-first century is distinguished by its merging categories, its multidimensionality and its unprecedented interaction.’
  • ‘Therefore it is important to show that Islam has the same multidimensionality as Catholicism - and any other religion - concerning economic and political matters.’
  • ‘The multidimensionality of racial identity and its impact on the various communication dimensions of classroom learning led to the following research question and hypothesis.’
  • ‘The multidimensionality of self-concept emphasizes that people have different perceptions of themselves in specific domains of life, such as physical, social, and work.’
  • ‘Measuring and presenting the data in various ways exploit the multidimensionality of these signals.’