Definition of multifid in English:


Pronunciation /ˈməltēfid/ /ˈməltifɪd/ /ˈməltəˌfid/ /ˈməltəˌfɪd/ /ˈməlˌtīˌfid/ /ˈməlˌtaɪˌfɪd/


Botany Zoology
  • Divided into several or many parts by deep clefts or notches.

    ‘Typical of the family Polygalaceae, the anterior petal is keel-like, with a lobed multifid crest.’
    • ‘Several papillae are present along the posterior margin of the sheath, including a multifid papilla at the posterior apex.’
    • ‘Seeds ovoid or oblong, shiny, with apically a 2-fid to multifid caruncle.’
    • ‘Examples include bifid vs. multifid styles, stellate vs. lepidote trichomes, and leaves with or without basal glands.’


Mid 18th century from Latin multifidus, from multus ‘much, many’ + -fid from fidus ‘cleft, split’.