Definition of multifocal in English:



  • Having more than one focus.

    ‘The lesion appeared multifocal, with foci extending into the cortex and upper pole.’
    • ‘This option entails wearing a bifocal or multifocal contact lens in one eye and a single-vision lens in the other eye.’
    • ‘Two and a half months later, a computed tomographic scan showed multifocal nodules with ill-defined margins in both lungs.’
    • ‘An otherwise healthy 85-year-old woman presented with purulent multifocal subcutaneous nodules on the dorsal side of the right forearm and hand.’
    • ‘The author currently wears spectacles made of plastic, photochromic lenses with multifocal capabilities in a ‘rimless’ frame to be as light in weight as possible.’



/ˌməltēˈfōkəl/ /ˌməltiˈfoʊkəl/