Definition of multigrade in English:



  • 1An engine oil meeting the requirements of several standard grades.

    ‘‘Use multigrade oil in your engine because it reduces drag, service your car regularly, use a logbook to record your fuel purchases and establish lift clubs where possible’, she said.’
    • ‘It's proven to provide better rust protection than standard monograde and multigrade oils when subjected to the industry-standard humidity cabinet test.’
    • ‘For example, it is possible to decrease the amount of fuel consumed by modern cars by up to 5% simply by switching from a typical multigrade oil to a ‘friction-modified ‘lubricant with a lower viscosity.’’
    • ‘In reality, monogrades do not do nearly as good a job as multigrades today.’
    • ‘He walked across the garage forecourt carrying a big bottle of multigrade.’
    • ‘The viscosity grade of a multigrade oil is different at high and low temperatures due to additives known as viscosity modifiers.’
  • 2Multigrade Trademark A kind of photographic paper made with two emulsions of different sensitivities, from which prints with different levels of contrast can be made using color filters.

    as modifier ‘Multigrade paper’
    • ‘It has a dial-type timer, instead of one which displays the numbers like a digital clock, and it has a swing-out red filter from before the time of multigrade papers.’
    • ‘I bid on a set of multigrade filters for adjusting the contrast of your print and then, after finding only one working example at college, also bid on a focus finder.’



/ˈməltēˌɡrād/ /ˈməltiˌɡreɪd/ /ˈməltəˌɡrād/ /ˈməltəˌɡreɪd/ /ˈməlˌtīˌɡrād/ /ˈməlˌtaɪˌɡreɪd/