Definition of multigravida in English:


nounplural noun multigravidae/-ˈɡravəˌdē/ /-ˌdī/

Medicine Zoology
  • A woman (or female animal) who is or has been pregnant for at least a second time.

    ‘Analysis of carriage rate with parity, age and clinical status: In the study population, there were 89 primigravidae and 111 multigravidae.’
    • ‘The second phase included 45 primiandae and 55 multigravidae with an age range of 20-32 years.’
    • ‘It occurs late in pregnancy for primigravida and at the onset of labor for multigravida.’
    • ‘This area is holoendemic for malaria: 70% of women in their first pregnancy were slide-positive for P. falciparum, while 13% of multigravidae were slide-positive.’



/ˌməltēˈɡravədə/ /ˌməltiˈɡrævədə/


Late 19th century from multi-‘many’, on the pattern of primigravida.