Definition of multihull in English:



  • A boat with two or more, especially three, hulls.

    as modifier ‘multihull sailing’
    • ‘A total of 15 boats participated, including eight monohull and four multihull sailboats, and three powerboats.’
    • ‘The deal was that he would help look after their two young boys on weekdays and sail with Cam - a four-time world champion in small boats and a legendary multihull ocean racer - on weekends.’
    • ‘And where, during all this, were the multihull sailors?’
    • ‘Schoolchildren were given the day off to mark Ellen's homecoming and were among thousands who lined Cowes Parade as she sailed triumphantly past in her record-breaking multihull B & Q before stepping ashore to be mobbed by well-wishers.’
    • ‘First briefing at 12: 30 January 8th, races begin for multihulls at 14: 00 and monohulls 14: 07.’
    • ‘On Sunday, the regatta gets underway at 10: 00 a.m. for monohulls and 11: 00 a.m. for multihulls.’
    • ‘Capsizing a multihull is not like rolling over in a monohull, whose keel usually causes it to roll upright again.’
    • ‘The under-16-year-olds Optimist sailors (many as young as nine) were fearless - not only of the north-easterly, but the awesome speed of the multihulls zooming in and out of their fleet of tiny craft.’
    • ‘There are only four other multihulls on the planet capable of such speed.’
    • ‘It was a wonderful feat and to actually arrive in front of the multihulls is amazing.’
    • ‘All multihull classes recognized by RVYC will be eligible, as will all members of the RVYC and their invited guests.’
    • ‘A collective roar of approval came from the big crowd of multihull sailors on the beach - except one skipper who was standing, staring intently at his stopwatch.’
    • ‘What do you get when you put a blank sheet of paper in front of the world's top multihull sailboat designers and tell them to let their imaginations run wild?’
    • ‘I remember too late that smart multihull sailors pack earplugs.’
    • ‘All members of the RVYC and their invited guests, and all multihull classes recognized by the RVYC are eligible to participate.’