Definition of multilateralism in English:



  • The principle of participation by three or more parties, especially by the governments of different countries.

    ‘the president affirmed his commitment to multilateralism’
    • ‘Favoring multilateralism over unilateralism often means favoring talk over action.’
    • ‘He said the discussions will focus on strengthening multilateralism and enhancing the role of the United Nations.’
    • ‘A spokesperson for Oxfam said that the EU, US and others are carving up the world into a series of agreements that undermine multilateralism.’
    • ‘I often listen with interest to those in this Parliament who promote multilateralism and are less concerned with the sovereign rights of particular nations.’
    • ‘Rather, the debate should be seen in terms of a presumption in favour of either multilateralism or unilateralism.’
    • ‘His view of democracy and multilateralism seems remarkably uncomplicated.’
    • ‘France, he insisted, wants a "new internationalism" based on multilateralism and compliance with international law.’
    • ‘Mendez encouraged regional organizations and emphasized the need for multilateralism.’
    • ‘The scale of this gross error should compel a return to genuine multilateralism.’
    • ‘We think that effective multilateralism is the key to maintaining global peace and prosperity.’



/ˌməltēˈladərəˌliz(ə)m/ /ˌməltiˈlædərəˌlɪz(ə)m/ /ˌməltēˈlatrəˌliz(ə)m/ /ˌməltiˈlætrəˌlɪz(ə)m/