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  • Costing or involving several million units of a currency.

    in combination ‘a multimillion-dollar advertising campaign’
    • ‘You know, the supporters of multimillion dollar executive pay packages argue that's the kind of money you need to keep the best and the brightest.’
    • ‘The company has since raised €15 million in funding and has won several multimillion euro contracts.’
    • ‘Hundreds of fishermen from across the Mid West will be back on the water tomorrow for the opening day of the State's multimillion dollar rock lobster fishing season.’
    • ‘Then, of course, there was a rush of people from Pakistan, many of whom arrived with nothing but the clothes they were wearing, but went on to create multimillion pound businesses.’
    • ‘Lo and behold, some multimillion dollar settlement, so to speak, transpired and all of a sudden, the victim was unwilling to testify.’
    • ‘The investigation of mutual fund misconduct today resulted in a multimillion dollar settlement with one of Wall Street's top firms.’
    • ‘Concerns have been expressed in relation to a proposed multimillion pound residential and commercial development for the Crobally area of Tramore.’
    • ‘Whatever decisions were made by the legislature that resulted in these multimillion dollar deficits, that's of their own making.’
    • ‘Well Hurricane Charley tore a path of destruction right through the heart of Florida's multimillion dollar citrus industry.’
    • ‘The closure of the firm's multimillion research operation in Trumpington, Cambridge, is expected to result in the loss of up to 80 highly skilled jobs.’
    • ‘So much for the multimillion dollar advertising campaign.’
    • ‘Since the early l970s, handicrafts have become a multimillion dollar enterprise for artisans and businesspeople on Bali.’
    • ‘Now thanks to a multimillion dollar bailout from State and Federal governments, the airline can fly limited services while it seeks a new owner and future.’
    • ‘The seizure came after another multimillion dollar haul by French authorities in international waters off Trinidad on Saturday.’
    • ‘Or will this whole thing blow over in a months and won't be remembered until the next multimillion dollar big business scandal?’
    • ‘Fishermen have cell phones, which gives them access to multimillion dollar communications networks.’
    • ‘The multimillion euro initiative seeks to provide care for those most affected and use education to help check the spread of HIV.’
    • ‘The committee also found another multimillion building in the area that is being renovated prior to being sold to a local businessman.’
    • ‘The next step in the multimillion proposed development will be the submission of an application for planning permission.’
    • ‘The team would also face a multimillion dollar fine if it didn't go.’



/ˌməltēˈmilyən/ /ˌməltiˈmɪljən/ /ˌməltīˈmilyən/ /ˌməltaɪˈmɪljən/