Definition of multimodal in English:


(also multimode)

Pronunciation /ˈməltiˌmōd/ /ˈməltī-/ /ˌməltiˈmoʊdl/


  • 1Characterized by several different modes of activity or occurrence.

    • ‘Standard multimode and single mode cables are supported.’
    • ‘Furthermore, she suggests that rather than attempting to reconcile the differences, we might consider ‘social connectedness to exist in a kind of multimodal continuum’.’
    • ‘AthosCal, a prototype multimodal calendar application, runs on several platforms including PDAs and desktop computers.’
    • ‘For example, recent studies demonstrated that orienting attention to a nonpredictive auditory cue improves visual perception and modulates neural activity in multimodal areas as well as modality-specific visual areas of cortex.’
    • ‘You can use multimode or monomode fiber-optic, but also coaxial copper cable.’
    • ‘The focus of the project is to support human-to-human interaction across language and cultural barriers, and to do research in pervasive multimodal and multilingual computing environments.’
    • ‘This requires not only multimode phones but also a common core services layer.’
    • ‘Most devices are multimode allowing them to run in either single ended or low voltage differential.’
    • ‘We are particularly interested in unlinked distance since it represents passenger kilometres by each mode, regardless of whether the mode is part of a multimode trip or a single-mode trip.’
    • ‘Their experience of literacy will have included not just print, but other multimodal elements including image, sound, symbol, gesture, maps and graphics, the use of space and experiences of interactivity.’
    • ‘A multimode optical fiber was used to deliver the light from the tungsten-halogen lamp to the detector.’
    • ‘Particularly for multimode systems, it is important to ensure that some minimum length of fiber is included in the test in order to ensure adequate optical mode fill.’
    • ‘‘We are focusing on a market that is inherently multimode and there are a number of entrants in that market,’ said Lodge.’
    • ‘The main difference would be that it would concentrate not on one mode, but on the way modes work together in multimodal texts.’
    • ‘The invention uses a fiber optic transceiver to provide low latency, high bandwidth channels for such interconnects using a robust multimode fiber technology.’
    • ‘We used three multimode fibers with different core diameters, namely, 50, 100, and 200 m, for collecting fluorescence.’
    • ‘It is a move to a balanced, multimodal system that matches each transport mode to its best use, respects people and the environment, and addresses transport demand as well as supply.’
    • ‘Patients who score more poorly on cognitive tests may benefit from coping skills training approaches that are more concrete and taught in multimodal, interactive, repeated rehearsal formats.’
    • ‘Both training groups participated in a multimodal rehabilitation program that included relaxation, aerobic training, behavior modification, and four sessions of physical therapy.’
    • ‘The scattered light is then focused into a multimode optical fiber in which the fiber core acts as a pinhole for confocal microscopy.’
    1. 1.1Statistics (of a frequency curve or distribution) having several modes or maxima.
      • ‘None of the histograms suggest multimodal distributions and tests of normality indicate normal distributions.’
      • ‘Chromosomes 1, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10 seem to have bimodal or multimodal distributions.’
      • ‘However, synoptic weather codes predicted patterns of migration even in calm winds and we often observed a multimodal distribution of simultaneous tracks at a single site, presumably under similar wind conditions.’
      • ‘A constant-sized population is expected to show a ragged, multimodal distribution, while an expanding population shows a smooth, unimodal distribution.’
      • ‘If a mismatch distribution is multimodal, a history of population stability can be inferred.’
    2. 1.2Statistics (of a property) occurring with multimodal distribution.
      ‘With a large enough h the density estimate can always be made to appear unimodal; with a small enough h the density estimate can always be made to appear bimodal (or even multimodal, having more than two peaks).’
      ‘These density estimates will initially be bimodal or multimodal, but will become unimodal once h increases past a certain critical value.’



/ˈməltiˌmōd/ /ˈməltī-/ /ˌməltiˈmoʊdl/