Definition of multipartite in English:



  • 1Having several or many parts or divisions.

    ‘As far as we are aware, this unusual structural organization is unique among higher metazoans, although interesting comparisons can be made with the multipartite mitochondrial genome organizations of plants and fungi.’
    • ‘The mitochondrial genome of this animal is multipartite and exists as a population of small circular DNAs of different sizes and gene contents, a unique organization among studied metazoans.’
    • ‘More recently, evidence has accumulated to suggest that an intriguing consequence of a multipartite genome configuration is the somatic modulation of mitochondrial genotype.’
    • ‘In more recent works that use juxtaposed panels to create a fiat, multipartite surface, any narrative possibility has been superseded by a more complex play of continuity and jump cuts.’
    • ‘The British people are entitled to accurate information about, and multipartite discussion of, the society in which they live, and more than ever this is provided via broadcasting rather than by other media.’
    • ‘The multipartite version of the White Lotus Society still circulated in the seventeenth century and would probably have been known to both Chen and Tao.’
    • ‘Studies of plant mitochondrial genome inheritance are further complicated by the complex, multipartite organization of this genome.’
    • ‘In Brassica, pollen specificity is encoded at the multipartite S-locus, a complex region comprising many expressed genes.’
    • ‘These mechanisms fail, however, to explain the presence of multipartite DNA control elements frequently found in several regulatory regions.’
    • ‘Yet, being multipartite, they call to mind the predella panels of early Renaissance altarpieces.’
    1. 1.1Biology (of a virus) existing as two or more separate but incomplete particles.
    2. 1.2
      another term for multiparty
      • ‘From 2010, he has served as inaugural Chair of the Asia Pacific Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, a multipartite partnership of governments, development agencies and the research community.’



/ˌməltēˈpärtīt/ /ˌməltiˈpɑrtaɪt/