Definición de multiplayer en Inglés


Pronunciación /ˈməltiˌplāər/ /ˈməltɪˌpleɪər/ /ˈməltiplāər/ /ˈməltɪpleɪər/


  • Denoting or relating to a video game designed for or involving several players.

    ‘The game's level design is extremely linear in both the single player and multiplayer levels.’
    • ‘Finally, in the great realm of multiplayer gameplay, there will be a lot of new features.’
    • ‘Designing a massive multiplayer game has to do with a lot of technical knowledge and experience.’
    • ‘It has some of the most intensive graphics currently available, and is a fun game to play against others with its multiplayer design.’
    • ‘Moreover, the multiplayer component is being designed to be friendly to the mod community.’
    • ‘What were the major considerations and goals in designing the multiplayer aspect?’
    • ‘It's a shame because, with its stunning visuals, intelligent gameplay and interesting multiplayer modes, it deserves to reach as wide an audience as possible.’
    • ‘This is very handy if you are interested in the aspects of trading with other players using the multiplayer game.’
    • ‘For example, we know of gamers what will play massively multiplayer online games in a window, while running other tasks at the same time.’
    • ‘What's a company to do once it has created the most popular massively multiplayer online RPG in the world?’
    • ‘We also intend to periodically post additional multiplayer maps for free download on our official website.’
    • ‘Perhaps the most radical feature is the division of the title into a single player adventure and a multiplayer component.’
    • ‘As well, you can have six players involved on a multiplayer map instead of four.’
    • ‘Both products promise a multiplayer mode to single player products released beforehand.’
    • ‘Developers then often add some form of multiplayer component, so like-minded players can kill each other across the World Wide Web.’
    • ‘Finally, there's the game's multiplayer mode, which allows for split screen or online competitive racing.’
    • ‘You can either play the single player mission maps or explore the included special multiplayer maps.’
    • ‘Video games connect to the network to enable multiplayer gaming.’
    • ‘That should be taken out of the interface altogether, it only belongs there in multiplayer games.’
    • ‘The company claims near photo-realistic graphics and sufficient scalability for ‘massively multiplayer games.’’


  • A multimedia computer and home entertainment system that integrates a number of conventional and interactive audio and video functions with those of a computer.