Definition of multiplex in English:


Pronunciation /ˈməltəˌpleks/ /ˈməltəˌplɛks/

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  • 1Consisting of many elements in a complex relationship.

    ‘multiplex ties of work and friendship’
    • ‘In the cluster of four there are multiplex relationships.’
    • ‘Few studies have shown the effects of multiplex network relationships on firm outcomes.’
    • ‘The multiplex strategy allowed us to run the complete set of selective amplifications for 10 individuals on one gel for a total of 24 gels.’
    • ‘The most innovative varieties are more likely to be spoken by those with weak network ties, while those with dense, multiplex networks tend to conserve local varieties.’
    • ‘Teasing out analogies in such a multiplex region is a daunting task: autonomies and convergences slice through each other, resulting in cultural minced meat.’
    • ‘The new multiplex culture however offers hope to ventures like Shwaas.’
    compound, composite, compounded, multiplex
    1. 1.1Involving simultaneous transmission of several messages along a single channel of communication.
      ‘Comcast revamped its digital offering earlier this month to include a slew of digital satellite services in addition to the slate of multiplex and PPV channels that dominated the package before now.’
      • ‘Most premium programmers offer a variety of multiplex channels on digital tiers to rotate their movie libraries, at no extra cost to the operator.’
      • ‘If approved, the gateway assigns a conventional cable channel and multiplex stream for the movie.’
      • ‘The mobile phone is equipped for at least two frequency bands and includes an antenna coupled to a multiplex type filter.’
      • ‘Had the Radio Authority been required to allocate licences on a per-station basis and had the BBC been given station-sized parts of multiplex space by the government on a similar basis, then quality could have been ensured.’
      • ‘In total, the ITC received six applications for the multiplex licences.’
      • ‘And don't be alarmed by the mention of electronics, multiplex cabling does away with the mountains of wire that strangled the XM.’
      • ‘These and many other companies make the switching, transport, networking and multiplex equipment used by telecommunications companies in the delivery of their products and services.’
      • ‘The first is the use of multiplex phone lines in urban areas (this means that Telkom have put 26 people on the same line).’
      • ‘However, the multiplex advantage is clear, and advances in data acquisition technology and computer processing speed can make this a viable approach to rapid high-resolution infrared ringdown data collection.’
      • ‘Utilizing these properties, multiplex cable, a new secondary and service-drop multiple conductor, was developed.’
      • ‘The C5 is packed with technology - made possible because of new multiplex wiring.’
    2. 1.2(of a movie theater) having several separate screens within one building.
      ‘A previous plan for a double fronted ‘mirror’ building with a multiplex cinema, a family entertainments centre and a pub-restaurant, has been on the shelf since it was approved six years ago.’
      • ‘Four taxi-drivers acting together are to lodge a formal objection to the City Council against the building of a state-of-the-art multiplex cinema, which is to form phase two of the development.’
      • ‘A 10-screen multiplex cinema would be brought to the town, a new department store and 1,000-space multi storey car park.’
      • ‘He said that in 1988, multiplex cinemas accounted for only 10 per cent of UK screens, but this had risen to 71 per cent - to the detriment of smaller local venues.’
      • ‘His radical plans include a revolutionary, sliding lightweight roof, as well as new buildings to house a fashion and art college, multiplex cinema, luxury flats and even a centre for the town's youth.’
      • ‘Currently, it owns 23 multiplex cinemas in Israel, which have 112 screens and 21 696 seats.’
      • ‘The plans allow for a cruise liner berth, and also anticipate a multiplex cinema with an opportunity for a more major leisure building - possibly a hotel and casino.’
      • ‘The local film industry is also seriously threatened by the Hollywood movies that dominate the US-invested multiplex cinemas - such as Warner Village in Taipei.’
      • ‘In this sense, ‘going out’ to a multiplex cinema may be not very different from ‘staying in’ to watch a film on television or video.’
      • ‘Given the lack of data describing the way multiplex cinemas are used by different consumer factions, an extensive survey was completed in Leicester.’
      • ‘Yet such interpretations fail to explore the extent to which the location of multiplex cinemas in out-of-town sites contributes to their popularity.’
      • ‘When complete, the project will have around 90 retail units, a multiplex cinema, a theatre, medical centre, office space and more than 20 restaurants.’
      • ‘The new restaurants and shopping centres, the multiplex cinemas and entertainment centres, the quality of the schools - not to mention the enormous value in housing.’
      • ‘The riverside scheme, which is due to open in November next year, will include a large shopping centre, a four-star hotel, leisure facilities and a multiplex cinema.’
      • ‘This center also included two multiplex cinemas.’
      • ‘Local attractions include four yacht clubs, two tennis clubs, a number of golf courses, two shopping centres, a new theatre and a new multiplex cinema at the Pavilion.’
      • ‘The 42nd St. side of the lower structure houses a multiplex cinema, stores and restaurants, as well as eight floors of hotel rooms.’
      • ‘Leisure development continues to grow in importance in the retail market, be it as a focal point of new retail projects or in the form of multiplex cinemas and theme parks.’
      • ‘However, it is understood the group have revived plans for a multiplex cinema and are expected to lodge a planning application in the coming months.’
      • ‘The developers will also consider proposals for leisure related uses such as a multiplex cinema or bowling alley.’


  • 1A system or signal involving simultaneous transmission of several messages along a single channel of communication.

    Compare with duplex, simplex

    ‘Are you running into a lot of constraints among operators who are devoting digital bandwidth to multiplexes and additional pay-per-view channels?’
    • ‘In this case we have a telephone multiplex and two systems (A and B).’
    • ‘Well allocate not multiplexes but channel space within the multiplex.’
    • ‘When operators think about bandwidth today, they are often thinking in terms of pay-per-view networks, premium multiplexes and interactive services, he says.’
    • ‘Pay programmers create multiplexes for digital cable for a good reason: With digital carriage, they get into more homes.’
    • ‘The new multiplex wiring system allows for a whole range of standard features usually left to the extra cost list.’
    • ‘The ad splicer, King said, sells for about $25,000 and supports an entire digital multiplex.’
    • ‘The local digital radio multiplex, called NOWdigital, is made up of several digital radio stations, but it cannot operate until France and Belgium join other countries in giving the go-ahead.’
    • ‘The raiders found sophisticated telecommunications equipment like routers and multiplexes, which were being used to divert international calls from the normal route.’
    • ‘This will require a reduction in capacity from six to four channels per multiplex.’
  • 2A movie theater with several separate screens.

    ‘Not only are such outlets the necessary gateways into the riches of world cinema and film history, they also balance the multiplexes and boutique art-house cinemas that so dominate the film landscape in any country.’
    • ‘Generally speaking, the weakness of December 2004 is a continuation of an overall cinematic malaise that has infected multiplexes and art-houses this year.’
    • ‘You're also beginning to see towns not on the West or East coast exhibiting films that they normally wouldn't have seen before, because the multiplexes will devote that screen or two to them.’
    • ‘Given the monopolising ventures of cinema multiplexes across Scotland, it's a wonder that all arthouse and independent cinemas aren't doing exactly the same thing.’
    • ‘It is heartening in the age of multiplexes and blockbusters to find a filmmaker who commits to cinematic honesty with the conviction of a convert.’
    • ‘The rest of the screens are suburban multiplexes that are filled to capacity much of the time.’
    • ‘On those rare occasions when a great motion picture reaches multiplexes, the film critic must add another aspect to his or her job description: that of cheerleader.’
    • ‘This is why Bombay is awash in new malls and cinema multiplexes and so forth, all of which generate jobs.’
    • ‘The birth of the 24-hour news channel was supposed to herald more news, more of the time, but like the cinema multiplex more has turned out to be mean considerably less.’
    • ‘This would mean that more cinema halls and multiplexes could be opened in Pakistan.’
    • ‘It's riveting and intense, with just enough action to satisfy those who enjoy that genre and enough substance to satiate viewers who are tired of the long litany of dumb motion pictures marching through multiplexes.’
    • ‘With the advent of the blockbuster and multiplex, cinema has boomed, and television has become ever more dependent on its output, imagery, and style.’
    • ‘The market is hot for Hollywood extravaganzas that fill screens at multiplexes.’
    • ‘The multiplex would screen movies at short intervals with digital projectors.’
    • ‘The multiplexes can afford to experiment with one screen.’
    • ‘It is languid, thought provoking and compulsively interesting, but, much like its poster, it won't be the most exciting film at the multiplex.’
    • ‘This is not the kind of motion picture that will find much favor in multiplexes, but the strength of character development is such that it almost certainly will uncover a healthy audience in art houses.’
    • ‘At a multiplex in Times Square in New York, the viewers' verdict on the opening day of the movie was unanimous - all shows were sold out.’
    • ‘I suppose it is losing out to these multiplexes but I always thought it would survive because it has such a great location and it has all the student crowd.’
    • ‘Home theater systems can rival anything you see at the multiplex.’

transitive verb

[with object]
  • Incorporate into a multiplex signal or system.

    ‘thirty-two of these signals can be multiplexed together to form a 2Mb data stream’
    • ‘An internal pattern calibration circuit is multiplexed to the first signal and used for generating a plurality of second parameters for calibration of close loop.’
    • ‘This filter became of paramount importance in the production of dense wavelength division multiplexing filters for telecommunication applications.’
    • ‘These high-density sensor arrays, in which each sensor is connected to its own optical channel, offer the potential for highly multiplexed analytical systems with the ability to address a myriad of application areas.’
    • ‘To achieve high-quality IP telephony communications, a gateway must send a full duplex stream of small data packets in real time to satisfy the time division multiplexed telephony interface.’
    • ‘Signals are then multiplexed according to their destinations and reconverted to optical signals at the appropriate outbound port.’
    • ‘This should in turn improve the signal to noise ratio, increasing the distance necessary between optical amplifiers in dense wavelength division multiplexing systems.’
    • ‘At the third stage, the individual wavelengths are multiplexed back onto individual fibers.’
    • ‘An Asynchronous Transfer Mode multiplexed data stream is terminated at a functional unit.’
    • ‘By introducing a system where the data stream is multiplexed with the video stream, it can vary the channel size for data, giving broadcasters more flexibility in the amount of data they choose to beam along with the video signal.’
    • ‘Outputs from the normal processor and position/color processor are multiplexed to a format converter.’
    • ‘Virtual concatenation is an inverse multiplexing technique that allows the grouping of any number of SONET STS-n channels to create a VCG (virtual concatenation group) to transport data streams.’
    • ‘Some dense wavelength-division multiplexing distributed-feedback laser die require temperature control of 0.1°C to maintain the specified lasing threshold and output wavelength.’
    • ‘Fiber-optic sensor multiplexing topologies have been developed for applications such as towed arrays, hull arrays, and bottom-mounted arrays.’
    • ‘Wave division multiplexing technology is used so that both downstream and upstream traffic can be carried in a single fiber.’
    • ‘Fiber-laser sensors have extremely high sensitivity to temperature and strain and can be multiplexed.’
    • ‘Capabilities such as virtual routing will also aid network scalability as multiple tunnels are multiplexed into one larger flow of traffic.’
    • ‘Cable networks are multiplexing, transmitting many signals over the same frequency.’
    • ‘In the original frequency division multiplexing phone systems, the 4 kHz dedicated channel guaranteed this.’
    • ‘By assigning different mirrors to different wavelengths, the switches also allow signals produced by wavelength division multiplexing to be re-routed.’
    • ‘Also, since a plurality of flows are multiplexed on the same transmission path, a management packet is defined to operate/manage these flows to be grouped, so that a fault occurring in the optical network is monitored.’


Late Middle English in the mathematical sense ‘multiple’: from Latin.