Definition of multiplexer in English:



(also multiplexor)

See multiplex

‘It would make a great movie, but it relies on character and plot, and hence is of little interest to the multiplexers.’
  • ‘They can't fix the problem without installing a multiplexer, because the previous team installed a diplexer, don't you know.’
  • ‘Industry sources hinted at low sales for one of its core products - a wavelength multiplexer / demultiplexer known as an AWG.’
  • ‘To simplify control, the researchers arrange a few valves in patterns called multiplexors that enable them to turn on or off many channels.’
  • ‘The cables connect to dedicated analog video equipment, including multiplexers, videotape recorders and video monitors.’



/ˈməltēˌpleksər/ /ˈməltiˌplɛksər/