Definition of multipolarity in English:



See multipolar

‘On this bottom board, power is widely dispersed, and it makes no sense to speak of unipolarity, multipolarity, or hegemony.’
  • ‘The alternative to unipolarity may not be multipolarity at all.’
  • ‘In effect, the region will probably move from its present bipolarity (with the United States and Russia as the poles) to unbalanced multipolarity, which will lead to more intense security competition among the European powers.’
  • ‘They look forward to the day when America's position in the world is much reduced and China's relative position much stronger - a condition they refer to as multipolarity.’
  • ‘It spawned a debate in the early 1990s about the polarity of the post-cold war system, and whether a return to multipolarity might herald the erosion of the stability generated by the cold war's bipolarity.’



/-pōˈlaritē/ /-pə-/