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  • Having several purposes or functions.

    ‘a seven-acre multipurpose civic center’
    • ‘It is being utilised as a marquee this week and when completed next month will serve as a multi-purpose room for entertainment functions.’
    • ‘Such institutions would function as multi-purpose institutions operating across a broad range of learning areas.’
    • ‘The design uses the farm steading model of barns arranged around a court to create a flexible storehouse of large multi-purpose halls.’
    • ‘We find it perfect for carrying a Leatherman or other multi-purpose tool.’
    • ‘Very often we find that multi-purpose tools do a lot of stuff but don't excel at any job.’
    • ‘It was proposed that the new multi-purpose building would provide a function room, banqueting hall, theatre and would cater for civil weddings.’
    • ‘The design is based on a modular structure selected to give the maximum flexibility for multi-purpose operation.’
    • ‘The great thing about the new units is their multi-purpose functionality.’
    • ‘The council chamber would be multi-purpose, perhaps able to convert into a small auditorium for concerts and lectures.’
    • ‘The purpose of the project is to develop a multi-purpose terminal to expand bulk and general cargo handling.’
    • ‘He was also shown a multi-purpose community centre with a communications and community training function.’
    • ‘And that crop must justify its cultivation by being multi-purpose.’
    • ‘The much-needed cash injection means Astroturf pitches and multi-purpose sports and arts halls could be built at schools around the country.’
    • ‘But 300 years ago forks were unknown and the English peasant carried a multi-purpose knife on their belt to stab pieces of food.’
    • ‘The multi-purpose indoor recreational facility is state-of-the-art.’
    • ‘Outside will be a floodlit multi-purpose games area.’
    • ‘Adjacent to the fitness centre will be two multi-purpose rooms, one with a wood floor and one with multi-sport flooring.’
    • ‘This multi-purpose fruit is used to make a variety of treats.’
    • ‘The multi-purpose domed auditorium will also be designed so it can be used for lectures, stage productions, exhibitions and even as a cinema.’
    • ‘The technique for modular sowing is similar to using a tray - simply fill them with sowing or multi-purpose compost and tap on the bench to settle it.’
    adaptable, flexible, all-round, multifaceted, multitalented, multiskilled, many-sided, resourceful, protean



/ˌməltēˈpərpəs/ /ˌməltiˈpərpəs/ /ˌməltīˈpərpəs/ /ˌməltaɪˈpərpəs/