Definition of multispectral in English:



  • Operating in or involving several regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.

    ‘multispectral images from satellites’
    • ‘The plane-mounted camera system uses four separate sensors to obtain true-color and false-color infrared, multispectral images of fire ant mounds.’
    • ‘In our experiment multispectral fluorescence microimaging and image elaboration has been performed for the first time to visualize the flavonoid distribution on leaf cross sections.’
    • ‘In multispectral images, the same spatial region is captured multiple times using different imaging modalities.’
    • ‘Second, the multispectral images can be used for estimating surface spectral reflectance of an object in a natural scene, which is an inherent physical property of its surface.’
    • ‘We then build a multispectral image consisting of five spectral bands (visible, near-IR, and three thermal IR channels) and use the program for further processing and interpretation.’
    • ‘By adding multiple laser wavelengths, it will be possible to perform active multispectral imaging, with improved radiometric performance and fewer shadows.’
    • ‘Therefore, multispectral autofluorescence imaging and spectrofluorometry represent complementary techniques that can provide a more complete quantitative and qualitative analysis of tissue samples.’
    • ‘These features represent a marked advantage in using multispectral digital images with respect to a single acquisition of color fluorescence images by a color camera through a long-pass filter.’
    • ‘To solve these problems, a method for quantification of stain conditions from microscopic images taken by multispectral microscope systems has been proposed.’
    • ‘This multispectral sensor suite is simplified by powerful onboard computing power, automatic target detection, and aided recognition software.’
    • ‘Satellite or airborne multispectral imaging of this kind, used a lot by geologists and environmental analysts, holds great potential for archaeology - but to date its use has been limited.’
    • ‘We can then choose a few optimal spectral bands that will get the job done with enough speed and accuracy when used in multispectral imaging systems.’
    • ‘Based on recent results, this year we have developed modules that demonstrate that digital image standardization and decision support systems based on multispectral imaging are realistic.’
    • ‘The larger of these is connected to both a multispectral camera and an infrared spectrometer.’
    • ‘A new method for detecting the tissue-specific distribution of flavonoids has been developed by coupling microspectrofluorometry and multispectral fluorescence microimaging techniques.’
    • ‘They may be facing a series of major environmental catastrophes over the next twenty years and, without the early warning provided by multispectral satellite imagery, these catastrophes could come as a surprise or set of surprises.’
    • ‘Although the system can analyze only temporal changes of cellular fluorescence, the expansion to a multispectral imaging system for spatiotemporal analysis is straightforward.’
    • ‘In the long run, of course, people will learn how to use the inherent dispersion of optical phased-array devices to enhance multispectral sensors, since spectral-based sensors require some dispersion.’
    • ‘When researchers use multispectral imaging, they take many pictures of the same object or scene; for each shot, they use a different filter that's finely tuned to capture only certain wavelengths of light.’
    • ‘Extensive forensic ink analysis and multispectral imaging tests provided further physical evidence that placed the documents in the same time period.’



/ˌməltēˈspektr(ə)l/ /ˌməltiˈspɛktr(ə)l/