Definition of multistage in English:



  • 1Consisting relating to several stages or processes.

    ‘a multistage decision-making process’
    • ‘Cancer is a complex multistage process that can take a large proportion of a person's lifespan to develop.’
    • ‘This indicates that patch-exploitation can be a process of multistage decision making, with early patch decisions being adjusted during later visits.’
    • ‘Seeking a correspondingly sculptural approach for the painting, Fautrier developed his haute pate (high paste) technique, a multistage process often resulting in inches-thick surfaces.’
    • ‘Because carcinogenesis is a complex multistage process associated with the accumulation of critical genetic alterations, effective defense mechanisms are necessary to prevent the manifestation of DNA damage.’
    • ‘We give a brief review of the multistage and multimechanism process of cancer in a tissue that involves not only genotoxic but also epigenetic events, and the importance of stem and progenitor cells in the development of cancer.’
    • ‘The subjective and objective yield indications are combined in a multistage process employing statistical and judgmental techniques.’
    • ‘The infection of a cell by a virus is a complicated multistage process during which the virus penetrates the host cell membrane.’
    • ‘Sociolegal scholars have conceived of claiming as a multistage process.’
    • ‘An assessment of the cost of life on the basis of the justified risk concept is a multistage two-way process.’
    • ‘In a multistage process, she combines old and new photographs as well as painting.’
    • ‘Risk assessment in surgical patients could be a multistage process with 3 predetermined assessment times: preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative.’
    • ‘Probability sampling of household youth was accomplished through a multistage sampling design in which the first stage was the random selection of face-blocks.’
    • ‘Respondents for the present study were chosen according to a stratified, multistage sampling procedure first involving the selection of households and then the selection within each household of an individual to be interviewed.’
    • ‘We are witnessing, in essence, a multistage evolutionary fight.’
    • ‘A computer system will have to calculate precisely how much of a multistage journey fare goes to each operator.’
    • ‘This is because few cancer epidemiological studies incorporate the multistage, multimechanism concept of carcinogenesis in the design, execution and interpretation of their studies.’
    • ‘The composition of the aplites suggests a multistage evolution that involved plagioclase-dominated fractionation of a fugitive melt batch.’
    • ‘After piloting, 400 houses from each area were visited by trained interviewers using a multistage sampling procedure.’
    • ‘Sandstones frequently possess multistage histories involving several cycles of deposition and redeposition.’
    • ‘The multistage social learning model asserts that an important factor in escalation of adolescent substance use is having peers who encourage and engage in substance use.’
    1. 1.1(of a rocket) having at least two sections, each of which contains its own motor and is jettisoned as its fuel runs out.
      ‘The travel agency began taking reservations for a North Korean tour it organized in 1998, but it was forced to cancel the trip after North Korea launched a multistage rocket that flew over Japan and crashed into the Pacific Ocean.’
      • ‘After World War I, Oberth studied physics at the University of Munich, where he realized that the key to space travel was the development of multistage rockets.’
      • ‘In the 1950s, von Braun and his ‘Rocket Team,’ many of whom had immigrated to the United States, continued their work on multistage rockets near Huntsville, Alabama.’
      • ‘Such a rocket has proven difficult in practice to build, leading to the continued use of multistage rockets.’
      • ‘In the early twenty-first century, satellites and planetary probes are routinely shot into space on multistage rockets.’
      • ‘A leading rocket scientist, Nair's contribution to the development of multistage satellite launch vehicles is immense.’
    2. 1.2(of a pump, turbine, or similar device) having more than one rotor.



/ˌməltēˈstāj/ /ˌməltiˈsteɪdʒ/